Stewarding the Self: A Human Future for Humans?

We are pleased to post Nigel Cameron’s abstract of his upcoming Oxbridge 2008 lecture.” Please write in with your thoughts.

“Stewarding the Self: A Human Future for Humans”

The 21st century will bring into sharp focus the dilemmas raised by our dominion over the natural order when it includes ourselves. The barbaric eugenics that characterized the first part of the 20th century, and the furor over experimental laboratory manufacture and use of embryonic members of our species that has bridged into the 21st, set the pace for a future that seems certain to hold more subtle but perhaps more consequential challenges. A “kinder, gentler” eugenics is in the works; transhumanists press the case for the redesign of the species; and a planet increasingly concerned with the preservation of “nature” seems less interested in a future for human nature as we know it.